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Self-Publishing Done Easy

Taught by Industry Experts

At the Steuben Press Academy, you are provided the tools to self-publish your book the right way for you. You want full control. You want to be driving the timeline and establishing the goals that are important to you and your book. And most importantly, you want an action plan with clear steps that will get your work from manuscript to published book. 

We believe in establishing a framework for self-publishing that offers clear choices for authors’ unique situations. There is no one-size-fits-all system when it comes to publishing. At the Steuben Press Academy we offer a mixture of courses, consulting, networking, and our connections with experts to provide you a platform to self-publish your book the way that makes sense for you.

"I wanted to work with a company who genuinely wants the best for everyone and I'm thankful I found Steuben Press. From my first call with Adam it was like talking to one of my Brothers. Adam and the rest of the company brought my children's book to life. The service and family environment is amazing. They already helped publish two of my children's books so far. Now they are helping me finish my next two books."

- Arthur Lewis, Harlem Wizards

"Steuben Press Dream Team …. ohhhh, y’all ROCK. I mean, really, really, REALLY … you are amazing.
You made the process of publishing my first book one of great ease, joy, and WILD SUCCESS."

- Sarah Davison-Tracy, Seeds of Exchange

Answers From  Experts
Adam and Jamie’s combined experience of the self-publishing industry spans nearly four decades. Having worked on tens of thousands of projects, there is no obstacle they have not encountered. As a member of the Academy you have access to their knowledge, coaching and consulting.
System and Resources
There is no shortage of publishing companies and service providers online, telling you they’ll get your book done for you. Don’t do this. This is not self-publishing. Join us and we’ll show you a system that encompasses the four key components necessary for successful publishing, and uncover the resources you need to do it on your own.
High-Value Training
Instant access to digital training materials, and professional produced video courses that cover everything you need to know to self-publish your book like a pro. You’ll have access to all courses for your lifetime, and be part of our network of like-minded authors and publishing professionals.


If you’re ready to jumpstart your self-publishing journey, please join us in our masterclass: The Rise of the Authorpreneur. Learn everything you need to know to self-publish your book, on your own, like a pro


Create Your Action Plan

While learning about the four key components of self-publishing, and exploring the options that fit best for you within each of them, we’ll also be helping you to build a custom action plan for you and your book. This action plan will be your personal, custom publishing package, built just for you. Every author, no matter how many times they’ve published, wants a roadmap to follow as they go through the process. When you work with us at the Academy you’ll get it – everything we’ve learned in our years of working with authors, charted out on the page for you.

How do you know if the Steuben Press Academy is the right place for you?
  • If you want to publish your own book, but not rely on any company to do it for you.
  • ​If you’ve beat your head against the wall with agents and publishers and just can’t take it anymore
  • ​If you’ve seen the prices of publishing packages online, and understand what a money pit they really are.
  • ​If you’ve looked at Amazon and KDP and thought: “No way is that enough for me.”
  • ​If you have questions but when you look online you have no idea who to trust.
  • ​If you have no idea where to even look online!
  • ​If you like the extra boost of working with others who are going through the same journey as you.
  • ​If you want instant access to experts when you hit a roadblock.
There is more than one way to self-publish successfully, so how do you know which way is right for you and your book? When you join the Steuben Press Academy, you will learn the entire process of self-publishing, from the ground up, from two experts with decades of experience in the industry.

Adam and Jamie will teach you the key components that are critical to all methods of successful self-publishing, and how to make wise choices within those categories:
  • How do I establish my own publishing entity?
  • ​Where can I find the right editor for my book?
  • ​Can I design my own book or do I need to work with a professional?
  • ​What does launch and marketing look like, given my goals and budget?


If you’re ready to jumpstart your self-publishing journey, please join us in our masterclass: The Rise of the Authorpreneur. Learn everything you need to know to self-publish your book, on your own, like a pro
The Rise of the Authorpreneur is our masterclass program for authors who want to self-publish a book. This is not a publishing package, but hours of videos, hundreds of pages of workbooks, weeks of coaching calls, all designed by industry experts to teach you to do this profitably on your own.
What does this look like?
Module 1: What Type of Publisher Are You?
We dig into all avenues of publishing available to you today, and why self-publishing has become the choice for nearly 2 million authors every year.
Module 2: Why Every Writer Needs an Editor
We talk about not just the importance of editing, but the different types of editing, why might need one or all of them, and how to find these editors online. How to budget, what to expect to pay, and how to use technology to edit on your own if that’s what your finances require
Module 3: How to Create a Beautifully-Designed Book
We’ll give you all the tools you need to design a book you’ll be proud of. Whether you work with a professional designer, or navigate the design templates we’ll help you unlock, these are pieces you’ll learn in the course.
Module 4: Establishing Your Publishing Entity
We’ll show you the process of establishing your very own publishing company. Doing it like a pro. No more free ISBNs that aren’t really yours! We’ll give you the bulleted business plan that will get you from start to finish.
Module 5: Ready to Launch
With our help launch will no longer feel like the labyrinth that it is today. We’ll show you the options, give you the pros and cons of each, talk you through what you should do with your unique book. We won’t try and shoehorn you into a marketing plan that everyone else is doing, but help you develop a plan that makes sense for you.
Module 6: Finalizing your Action Plan
In the final module we get off the camera and onto the computer. We take a deep dive into screenshares of every website, software, and link we discussed within the course so you’ll know where to go and what to click. We leave no stone unturned as you plug all the pieces into your custom action plan.

"If only we'd found Adam initially - it would've saved us hours of online researching, reading and re-reading conflicting blog posts about how to write and self-publish a book. The expertise Adam provided was balanced, insightful and led us to the right decision for our small business. Having the support of an expert like Adam made the self-publishing adventure much easier, and gave us the security of knowing we were making the right choices for us."

- Parvati Shallow, Executive Coach, Yoga Teacher, Survivor Winner, Co-Author of Om the Otter 

"Adam has always been able to provide me with the right solution for my publishing needs. My book, Gangster Redemption, came out the best and I didn't have to waste time searching online. I'm going to be publishing another book and I'm going straight to Adam."

- Larry Lawton, Youtube Influencer, Author of Gangster Redemption


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